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We specialize in services like width-sorted and length-sorted lumber. Truckloads of mixed thicknesses or species are also no problem. And because your business depends on it, on-time delivery is a top priority at Granite Hardwoods.  Our own fleet of trucks can deliver from stock as fast as the next day.

At Granite Hardwoods, green stock is inspected, then stored in open-air sheds which keeps the lumber bright and un-weathered prior to kiln-drying.

Once out of our kilns, we can further process the wood with our own Newman S382 planer or straight-line ripsaw. Our investment in equipment like this helps us keep better control of our quality and delivery.

Do you need your lumber surfaced.  We can do that too.  We offer S2S and S4S surfacing.

Another way Granite Hardwoods assures that our customers get exactly what they order is that we tally each bundle with the exact footage. You know precisely how much of each type of lumber you have received. This step  helps you with inventory control. When the bundle arrives on your dock, you have proof that the stock has been prepared to your strict guidelines.


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