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Buchanan Hardwoods, Inc.

Buchanan Hardwoods is a major supplier of hardwood products to various markets worldwide. Their red and white oak lumber is well known for its quality and consistency, and it's used in a variety of construction and manufacturing industries. Their supply of native oak, ash, and other hardwoods, and our strategically-located sawmills, ensure a consistent flow of product to our customers, large and small.  Buchanan Hardwoods has 2 main locations in Alabama:  Buchanan Hardwoods in Aliceville and Buchanan Lumber, Mobile.


   Aliceville, Alabama Facility                                         Mobile, Alabama Facility


The Hardwood Company

The Hardwood Company is located in Granite Falls, NC right next door to Granite Hardwoods.  A division of Granite Hardwoods, The Hardwood Company supplies the highest quality windows, floors (of 20 domestic and exotic woods), doors, moldings, stair parts, and custom millwork. 

Like Granite Hardwoods, they offer  total dedication to superior customer service.

They have offices in Asheville, Boone, Charlotte, Granite Falls, and West Jefferson. They are centrally located to meet all of your homebuilding needs.

Click on the pictures or links to visit these sites.  The Hardwood Company can also be reached at 800-771-5006.


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